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Iraq and the U.S. Legacy

To date, efforts by the U.S. to recreate a stable, new order that incorporates the best traditions and practices of the past, nourishes expectations for the future, and meets the immediate needs of the population, have lagged significantly.

"Play it Again, George"

As evidenced by George Bush's second inaugural speech, the administration seems not to have shifted either its thinking or how it expresses its policies.

The Iraq-U.S. Second Anniversary

The Iraq War launched by the Bush administration 24 months ago is draining lives--U.S., Iraqi, and others--and treasure that should be devoted to other human needs.

Democracy Demands Accountability

In the past 17 months, President Bush has undertaken a concerted effort to wrap his foreign policy in the folds of freedom and democracy.

"Doing Windows" in Iraq

Had Marla Ruzicka not died, she would be busy visiting survivors of the fifty people found dead in the Tigris River.

Ephemeral Ethics

The level of trust in the U.S. military seems to have crashed--big time.
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