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Stephen Zunes

Stephen Zunes, a Foreign Policy In Focus columnist and senior analyst, is a professor of Politics and chair of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of San Francisco. He is the author, along with Jacob Mundy, of Western Sahara: War, Nationalism, and Conflict Irresolution (Syracuse University Press, 2010).

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A Mis-statement of the Union Address

A critical evaluation of President Bush's State of the Union address highlights inconsistencies and contradictions in the Bush administration's foreign policy.

El-Baradei and the IAEAs Nobel Peace Prize a Mixed Blessing

The IAEA—and the United Nations as a whole—can be useful if its findings and policies support U.S. policy and can be ignored or rejected when they do not. Unless and until that changes, this noble effort by the Nobel committee in honoring El-Baradei and the IAEA will end up meaning very little.
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