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Conn Hallinan

Conn Hallinan is a columnist for Foreign Policy In Focus.

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Ireland: The Great Famine 2.0

Historical analogies are tricky, but the potato famine and the current economic crisis have parallels that are hard to ignore.

Review: Dancing With Dynamite

Grassroots social movements helped put left-leaning Latin American governments in place -- that doesn't mean ongoing relationships have been easy.

Kashmir: Obama and the Vale of Tears

Kashmir is the key to resolving crises in South Asia and Afghanistan, argues columnist Conn Hallinan. Why is the Obama administration avoiding the issue?

War Is Not Good For You

War and militarism have catastrophic effects on human health and well being.

60 Second Expert: Japan v. China

A minor collision between a Chinese fishing boat and Japanese Coast Guard vessel last August continues to resonate in the region.