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Conn Hallinan

Conn Hallinan is a columnist for Foreign Policy In Focus.

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Behind the Afghan Fraud

The checker-players of Washington are up against the chess-masters of Kabul, explains columnist Conn Hallinan.

The Iranian Tsunami

The real discontent in Iran, reports columnist Conn Hallinan, is at the workplace.

China and India Battle Over Thin Air

The two most populous countries in the world have a great trade relationship. But, as columnist Conn Hallinan explains, they are also on the verge of war.

The AfPak Train Wreck

The president's goals in escalating the war in Afghanistan are deeply flawed. Just ask the Russians.

Why the Afghan Surge Will Fail

President Obama is on the verge of making a profound mistake by sending more troops to Afghanistan, argues columnist Conn Hallinan.

"We Deeply Regret"

The U.S.-German bombing at Kunduz has shattered the myth that the Afghan campaign was about digging wells, building schools, and bringing peace.