Articles by Jennifer Davis


Bearing Witness to the Costs of War

November 30, 2019 | I’m a scholar of the war on terror’s civilian casualties, as well as a military spouse. Until the suffering ends, all of us should bear witness to the costs of war.

Empire Roundtable

March 26, 2009 | We asked FPIF's senior analysts to weigh in on the future course of American foreign policy: maintenance of empire or its rejection?

Warring on Warriors

February 13, 2009 | The war in Afghanistan is taking its toll on the hearts and minds of civilians and soldiers.

Base-less Strategy

April 24, 2008 | Ironically, the question of whether U.S. bases being built in Iraq should be, or clearly already are, permanent, is more of a U.S. domestic controversy than an issue between the United States and Iraq.


January 17, 2008 | Bhutto's assassination seems all too familiar, given the large number of murdered third-world leaders, while the possible repercussions of her death may come as a surprise.

Paying for the Wars’ Wounded

November 9, 2007 | Veterans' health care bills are bound to soar thanks to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but the government doesn't appear to be paying attention.

Iraq: Finding the Diamonds?

July 25, 2007 | The Bush administration is looking for signs of hope in Iraq. But it's coming up against the reality of resistance.