Articles by Michael Renner

UN Peacekeeping: An Uncertain Future

October 11, 2005 | United Nations peacekeeping is yet again at a crossroads: it may finally succeed in establishing itself as the preeminent force for conflict prevention and peace, or it could continue operating with a severe mismatch of mandates and resources.

Control of Oil Revenues

September 17, 2003 | While widespread ransacking was happening in Iraq after Baghdad fell, the U.S. moved swiftly to secure the country's oil facilities.

The Other Looting

July 1, 2003 | The focus of the occupation regime is more on emergency repairs than on a major rehabilitation of Iraq's dilapidated and war-destroyed public infrastructure.

Peacekeeping and the United Nations

December 1, 1996 | The Clinton administration came into office espousing support for UN peacekeeping. Characterizing his policy as “assertive multilateralism,” President Clinton appeared enthusiastic about the creation of a small UN “quick-deployment force” and seemed unwilling to commit U.S. forces to UN operations.