Articles by Michael Shank

Somalia Resurfaces

November 17, 2008 | Somalis can sort out their problems if the outside world just gives them a chance.

Chomsky on World Ownership

January 23, 2008 | The United States thinks it owns the world, says Noam Chomsky, and that explains so much of its foreign policy.

McCain’s Two Wars

January 15, 2008 | On both Iraq and climate change, John McCain supports the Bush status quo.

The Soil That Saves

October 4, 2007 | The European Union is considering a way to use trees -- and soil -- to save us from global warming.

Moran on Guantanamo

June 14, 2007 | Rep. Jim Moran thinks that Guantanamo is a blot on the U.S. reputation and should be closed down. He talks with Michael Shank on the implications of closure.