Articles by Muqtedar Khan

India, Pakistan Celebrate Independence Day But Not Freedom

August 16, 2003 | On Aug. 14 and 15, the 56th anniversary of the independence of Pakistan and India from British colonial rule, it is a sad commentary on the political condition of South Asia that even though the region has been independent for over half a century, it is s

Saudi Arabian-U.S. Relations at Crossroads

August 13, 2003 | Despite the highly controversial White House decision to keep details about the possible Saudi connection classified, the report highlights the need to resolve longstanding contradictions in the relationship. Saudi Arabia has been a close ally, friend, an

The U.S. and the UN: Risking Relevance

February 12, 2003 | President Bush is determined to attack Iraq. It is also clear that if he cannot convince, he will bully the international community into compliance with his wishes.