Articles by Nadia Martinez

Respecting Our Neighbors to the South

May 31, 2008 | For years, the U.S. imposed authoritarian leaders and corporate-friendly policies on Latin American countries. Now they are setting their own path.

Dealing with Ortega

November 15, 2006 | In what seems like a case of Cold War blues, U.S. officials had unsuccessfully attempted to sway the elections in favor of Mr. Ortega's opponents. The meddling backfired, however.

Bolivia: Moving to the Left

February 7, 2006 | The election of Bolivia's new president is a powerful symbol of the growing resistance throughout Latin America to U.S.-led economic programs.

Bolivians Send U.S. a Sharp Message

January 24, 2006 | Morales faces the daunting challenge of governing a troubled and bitter nation, where expectations are high and short-term change is difficult to achieve.