Articles by Najum Mushtaq

Islam and Pakistan

December 21, 2007 | Religion has permeated the history and politics of Pakistan. Now it’s time, Najum Mushtaq argues, to keep religion out of it.

Musharrafs Madrasa Muddle

July 13, 2007 | The Pakistani president’s commando raid against Islamic militants achieved only a Pyrrhic victory.

Americas Musharraf Dilemma

February 28, 2007 | Hardliners in Washington want Pakistan’s leader to crack down on terrorists, but hardliners in Islamabad are deeply ambivalent. What’s a poor dictator to do?

Engaging Islam

September 19, 2006 | Should the United States emphasize democracy or humanist religious traditions in its approach to global Islam? FPIF's Najum Mushtaq and Abdeslam Maghraoui of the U.S. Institute of Peace offer two different answers.

Islamic Blowback Part Two?

August 5, 2006 | The Bush administration is supporting the reform of Islam from within. But this faith-based approach is undemocratic, ignorant of the complexities of Islam, and ultimately doomed to fail.

A New Frontier of Jihadi Islam?

July 24, 2006 | Is Somalia rapidly turning into this year’s Afghanistan, with the Islamic Courts in the role of the Taliban and Ethiopia as the unilateral invader?

A Despot in Washington

February 1, 2002 | The western media, too, is awash with stories of a reformist general living dangerously in a volatile country.

Fighting Terrorism, Undermining Democracy in Pakistan

January 13, 2002 | , Pakistan's General Pervez Musharraf in his policy address on January 12th set about redefining the role of religion in Pakistani society and its domestic and external politics, with a special reference to Kashmir and terrorism.