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Patrick Bond

Dr. Patrick Bond is a political economist based at the University of KwaZulu-Natal School of Development Studies in Durban, where he directs the Centre for Civil Society.

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Are ‘African Lions’ Really Roaring?

Patrick Bond makes a stinging critique of the recent report of the African Development Bank that claims that 'one in three Africans is middle class' and as a result, Africa is ready for 'take off'.

Focusing the Struggle

Meeting is great, Patrick Bond writes, but WSF activists need to converge on strategy, generate joint actions, and forge cross-sectoral ties.

Strategies for Social Justice Movements from Southern Africa to the United States

The community of several thousand South African activists from whom I learn most--a group quite consciously pro-globalization-of-people and anti-globalization-of-capital--takes pride in the give-and-take lessons of international protest, solidarity, and local self-reliance gleaned during these past five years.