Articles by Patrick Bond

Are ‘African Lions’ Really Roaring?

May 13, 2011 | Patrick Bond makes a stinging critique of the recent report of the African Development Bank that claims that 'one in three Africans is middle class' and as a result, Africa is ready for 'take off'.

Focusing the Struggle

Focusing the Struggle

May 9, 2007 | Meeting is great, Patrick Bond writes, but WSF activists need to converge on strategy, generate joint actions, and forge cross-sectoral ties.

Strategy and Self-Activity In the Global Justice Movements

August 1, 2001 | Let us take as a starting point that the broadly consensual strategy and basis for self-activity in what we can term Global Justice Movements is the following: to promote the globalization of people and halt (or at minimum radically modify) the globalization of capital.

Global Climate Change

May 1, 1998 | Climate change may be one of the defining issues of the twenty-first century, because it pits the potential disruption of our global climate system against the future of a fossil fuel-based economy.