Articles by Tamar Gabelnick

Globalized Weaponry

October 12, 2005 | U.S. arms export policy was established to protect national security, but has become increasingly focused on commercial interests.

Security Assistance After September 11

October 4, 2005 | Not since anticommunism was used to excuse the arming and training of repressive governments during the cold war has there been such a broad, fail-safe rationale to provide military aid and arms to disreputable foreign militaries.

A World Awash in Weaponry

July 1, 2000 | Late last month, President Clinton announced the Defense Trade Security Initiative, the most significant loosening of arms-export controls since the end of the Cold War.

Turkey: Arms and Human Rights

May 1, 1999 | Considered a strategic NATO ally, Turkey has benefited from a U.S. policy that is long on military assistance and short on constructive criticism.