Articles by Wade L. Huntley

Dealing with North Korea’s Tests

June 19, 2009 | Coming up with the proper response to North Korea's recent actions requires a careful assessment of Pyongyang motivations and regional geopolitics.

The Promise of the Six-Party Process

February 10, 2009 | The discussion on nuclear nonproliferation in East Asia must include civil society participation and focus more on tomorrow's vision than today's headlines.

Missile Defense & China

October 6, 2005 | In the U.S. the attractions of missile defense endure, fueled most recently by the apparent Gulf War successes of the Patriot missiles and by perceived threats of long-range missile launches by so-called “rogue” states.

North Korea & the NPT

October 2, 2005 | The problems for international security posed by North Korea’s nuclear ambitions receive abundant attention and analysis.

Coping with North Korea

February 1, 2003 | U.S. prepares for potential use of force against North Korea, its commitment to full diplomatic engagement would reassure Asian allies of the U.S. desire to solve the Korean crisis short of military action.