“What Now For The Peace Movement?”

Polls in recent weeks show a full 59 percent of Americans are now in favor of withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq. But they’re not acting on this view, in part because they worry about the potential for even greater chaos following a U.S. exit.

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“Now Taking Applications at the World Bank”

The World Bank, the planet’s largest lender to poor nations, will soon have a new leader. The Bush administration should support a candidate who will bring about changes within the mammoth institution necessary to make it more effective at its primary task: ending World poverty. Given that by tradition, the U.S. picks the World Bank president, this is a golden opportunity to help mend some fences and improve the nation’s standing internationally at a time when U.S. popularity is suffering.

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“Pentagon ‘Cuts’ Really Miss the Point”

The news is leaking out that the Pentagon will be making deep cuts in its 2006 budget for weapons. The cuts appear headed in the right direction: toward scaling back weapons systems that were designed to fight the cold war and have little relevance to the wars we are actually fighting. Calling them “deep cuts,” however, is a stretch. It would be another stretch to believe that there will be anything left over to address important deficits in U.S. security.

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