Curbing Government Contractor Abuse

Huge no-bid debris-removal and reconstruction contracts given out by the Federal Emergency Management Agency after Hurricane Katrina guarantee that many of the same companies looting taxpayers in Iraq will clean up from the Gulf Coast disaster too.

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Al-Ahram Interview of Tom Barry

What do you reckon will be Bush’s mantra in the second term? Will prompting democracy be his new ideology? Do you think that the Bush administration is genuinely pursuing the establishment of democratic systems in ME or is it just a rhetoric to conceal the real U.S. goals and schemes?

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The War In Iraq Is Not Over and Neither Are The Lies To Justify It

President George W. Bush’s nationally broadcast speech Sunday evening once again was designed to mislead Congress and the American public into supporting his administration’s policies in Iraq. Despite record deficits and draconian cutbacks in government support for health care, housing, education, the environment, and public transportation, the president is asking the American taxpayer to spend an additional $87 billion to support his invasion and occupation of Iraq.

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