Abdinur Mohamud

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The Obama Administration’s Somali Pivot

Concerned about terrorism as well as influence from Washington's economic rivals, the Obama administration is renewing its efforts to support the Somali central government.

Affirming Somali Sovereignty

The U.S. recognition of Somalia as a sovereign and equal partner entails new responsibilities for both parties.

The State of Somali Union

If Somalia is to become a politically stable, economically viable, and peaceful nation that can compete with other African countries, clan-dominated federal states must be made a thing of the past.

A Bumpy Road for the Somali Roadmap

As Somalia's roadmap for stability encounters internal political hurdles, the upcoming British conference on Somalia might be the most realistic chance to eradicate extremism and keep the nation together.

The Balkanization of Somalia

The international community, particularly the United States, is pursuing a dual-track policy that encourages the very warlordism that is pulling Somalia apart at the seams.