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Coletta Youngers

Coletta A. Youngers is the Latin America Regional Associate with the International Drug Policy Consortium and a senior fellow at the Washington Office on Latin America. She is an analyst of international drug policy, human rights and political developments in the Andean Region of South America and of U.S. foreign policy toward the Andes.

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Drug Policy Disconnect

The Obama administration's rhetoric on drug policy has changed dramatically. But has the policy changed to fit the rhetoric?

Fujimori Faces Justice

Peru's Supreme Court has upheld the conviction of former president Alberto Fujimori for crimes against humanity.

Beyond the Drug War

The Obama administration should take advantage of promising new trends in Latin America to seek more effective and more humane drug control policies both at home and abroad.

The U.S. and Latin America After 9-11 and Iraq

Most disturbingly, it is unilaterally waging war against its own Latin American "axis of evil"--the Colombian "narcoterrorists," Cuba's Fidel Castro, and Venezuela's Hugo Chávez--with little if no effort to take into account the concerns of Latin American