Gwyn Kirk

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Dr. Gwyn Kirk is a scholar and activist focused on issues of gender, racial and environmental justice in the service of genuine security, peace-making, and creating a sustainable world. She has taught courses in women’s studies, environmental studies, political science, and sociology at U.S. universities and colleges.

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Resisting U.S. Bases in Okinawa

Despite intense crackdowns, activists on the Japanese island of Okinawa continue to resist the construction of new U.S. military bases.

Agent Orange in Korea

Whistleblowers have unearthed the widespread use of Agent Orange by the U.S. military in Korea.

Make 1325 Real for Women’s Peace and Security

The UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security just turned 10 years old -- but few nations are helping it meet its goals of involving women in peacemaking and peacekeeping.

Fortress Guam: Resistance to US Military Mega-Buildup

The Department of Defense plans to relocate 8,600 Marines from Okinawa (Japan) to Guam, provide additional live-fire training sites, expand Andersen Air Force Base, create berthing for a nuclear aircraft carrier, and erect a missile defense system on the island.

Gender and U.S. Bases in Asia-Pacific

Violence against women, violation of local autonomy, and contamination of the environment are all part of the U.S. military footprint in Asia.