Articles by Michelle Ciarrocca

Treaty on Pesticides

September 7, 2006 | persistent organic pollutants, environment, EPA, Stockholm Convention, Rotterdam Convention, pesticides, toxic chemicals, UNEP, PCBs

Star Wars Revisited

October 6, 2005 | On May 1, 2001, President Bush reiterated his campaign pledge to deploy a multitiered ballistic missile defense system as soon as possible.

Post-9/11 Economic Windfalls for Arms Manufacturers

October 4, 2005 | President Bush’s military budget increase and the war time “unity” on Capitol Hill have created an environment in which weapons makers can enjoy the best of both worlds—continuing to make money on the weapons systems of the cold war while reaping the benefits of a war time bonanza of new defense contracts.

Missile Defense

September 30, 2005 | With public attention focused on Iraq, the Bush administration's prized missile defense system has been far from the limelight. But make no mistake, it's still chugging along.

Missile Defense All Over Again

September 30, 2005 | Under President Clinton, it became U.S. policy to deploy a National Missile Defense (NMD) system “as soon as technologically feasible.”