Ninan Koshy

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India: Linchpin of the Pivot?

Indian leaders are open to cooperating with the U.S. but wary about being drawn into a Cold War with China.

Flogging a Dead Agreement

India is under pressure to complete a nuclear deal with Washington. But don't hold your breath.

India and Israel Eye Iran

India’s launch of a new spy satellite for Israel may change the geopolitical complexion of the Middle East.

India and the Iran Vote in the IAEA

The military alliance of India with the United States had reached “hitherto unimaginable and unprecedented levels of cooperation.”

India May Send Troops to Iraq

Responding to the U.S. request to send troops to occupied, post-war Iraq, India's army is going full steam ahead with preparations for possible deployment.

NATO’s “Transformation” and Asia

If the new rationale for NATO is the War on Terror, and if its Rapid Response Force is directed to territories outside the region of its member states, then NATO's transformation has serious implications for Asia.

The Natural Ally and the Tactical Ally

In the vaguely defined international coalition in the "war against terrorism" India and Pakistan occupy perhaps the most uncomfortable positions.