I am roughly paraphrasing a conversation recounted to me by a middle-aged, middle-class white woman who supports Bernie Sanders and has had a grudge against Hillary Clinton ever since she disrespected Monica Lewinsky as a woman. Another middle-aged white woman, who supports Ms. Clinton’s likely nomination, questioned the first woman’s support for Sanders.

Clinton supporter: But what about what it means for women?

Referring to foreign wars, the Sanders supporter: So you would sacrifice your son for your daughter? Oh never mind, it wouldn’t be your son anyway. [Ba-da-bing. – RW]

This is speaking in general terms. For example, Ms. Clinton’s paid family leave will benefit men as well as women, but less often, and, even less often, in a war woman soldiers are killed.

Ms. Clinton exemplifies the sharp disparity exhibited by Democratic presidents between progressive domestic policy and hawkish foreign policy. Let’s hope that, if elected, she doesn’t wind up like Lyndon Johnson with any success she attains enacting social programs spoiled by the bombing and invasions she has countenanced in the past.