Here at FPIF we’re closing out another year of progressive foreign policy activism and looking ahead to the next.

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These pieces touch on nearly every corner of our world. We’ve got stories on war and peace in the Middle East, environmental stewardship in East Asia, trade and immigration in North America, drug liberalization in Latin America, sustainable energy development in Africa, and so much more.

We hope that revisiting these commentaries will help you make sense of the last year and look forward to the next.

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on-fence-syriaOn the Fence about Syria? Read This!
Peter Certo
As the U.S. debate over intervention in Syria reached a crescendo, FPIF produced this crucial reader on why military intervention would be a big mistake.

great-oil-swindleThe Great Oil Swindle
Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed
Abundant new reserves of oil and gas have seemingly put warnings about “peak oil” to rest, but FPIF contributor Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed argued earlier this year that the era of cheap oil really is over.

new-korean-warLurching Towards a New Korean War
Hyun Lee and Christine Hong
As Barack Obama began his second term amid new provocations from North Korea, Hyun Lee and Christine Hong argued that longstanding U.S. policies were actually the key drivers of tension on the Korean peninsula.

south-korea-food-sovereignty-community-resilienceSouth Korea: Ground Zero for Food Sovereignty and Community Resilience
Christine Ahn and Anders Riel Muller
FPIF columnist Christine Ahn sent us this inspiring dispatch about how South Korea’s small farmers are leading the way in the fight for food sovereignty.

case-against-kerryThe Case Against Kerry
Stephen Zunes
When President Obama nominated John Kerry to lead the Department of State, FPIF columnist Stephen Zunes argued that the nomination was a setback for advocates of international law.

immigration-reform-2013-beyondImmigration Reform in 2013 and Beyond
Oscar Chacon and Amy Shannon
Immigrant rights advocates Oscar Chacon and Amy Shannon thought 2013 would be a big year for immigration reform, but their analysis offers important lessons for 2014 as well.

nafta-20-new-spinNAFTA at 20: The New Spin
Manuel Perez-Rocha and Javier Rojo
We’ve all heard stories about NAFTA’s devastating impacts on U.S. workers, but IPS scholars Manuel Perez-Rocha and Javier Rojo explain here how the trade pact has brought misery to Mexico as well.

us-chemical-weaponsThe U.S. & Chemical Weapons: No Leg to Stand On
Stephen Zunes
As the U.S. geared up to “punish” Syria for the regime’s alleged use of chemical weapons, Stephen Zunes offered this crucial reminder of Washington’s own checkered past with chemical weapons in the Middle East.

peer-to-peer-science-fukushimaPeer-to-Peer Science: Responding to Fukushima
Layne Hartsell and Emanuel Pastreich
As the Fukushima nuclear crisis worsened, Asia Institute scholars Layne Hartsell and Emanuel Pastreich offered this revolutionary proposal to enlist ordinary citizens to help.

un-latin-american-rebellionAt the UN, a Latin American Rebellion
Laura Carlsen
At this year’s UN General Assembly, FPIF columnist Laura Carlsen observed, Latin American leaders evinced a growing refusal to abide by Washington’s dictates for the hemisphere.

audacity-of-popeThe Audacity of Pope
John Feffer
Celebrating Pope Francis’ relative liberalism (you know, for a pope), FPIF co-director John Feffer offered three ways the pope can change how Catholics discuss immigration, inequality, and Islam.

kurdish-syria-different-warIn Kurdish Syria, a Different War
Daniel Wagner and Giorgio Cafiero
While the rest of the world watched Syrian regime forces battle the rebels, FPIF contributors Daniel Wagner and Giorgio Cafiero reported on Syria’s other civil war.

electrifying-africa-at-what-costElectrifying Africa–But at What Cost to Africans?
Emira Woods, Janet Redman, and Elizabeth Bast
As the Obama administration geared up to export dirty fossil fuel technologies to Africa, FPIF co-director Emira Woods and IPS expert Janet Redman described what a truly sustainable approach to energy development would look like.