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Did Nonviolence Fail in Egypt?

The Egyptian Revolution is a perfect case study for both the power and the limits of nonviolent mass movements.

The Meaning of Rouhani

Hassan Rouhani's win in Iran's presidential election suggests that neither reformists nor conservatives are pleased with the country's status quo.

Iran’s Survival Strategy

Iran's leaders are the first to admit that Western sanctions have had a devastating impact on the country, but they're confident they can ride out the storm.

The West Negotiates with Iran

The success of future nuclear talks between Iran and the West will depend in part on whether the West is able to treat Iran as an equal in word as well as in deed.

The Politics of Iran’s Space Program

Understanding the politics of Iran's technological development should serve as a check on the unwarranted paranoia that Iran's scientific achievements have generated in the West.

Bahrain: Beyond the U.S.-Iran Rivalry

The proxy struggle between the United States and Iran has spread to Bahrain. But this Cold War ignores the silent understanding the two rivals have forged against a common enemy in Afghanistan.

The Candidates and Russia

The presidential candidates have all been tempted to embrace a new cold war with Russia.