Articles by Dan Connell

The Afars: Eritrea’s Forgotten Refugees

December 4, 2015 | The Afars, a tightly knit Muslim minority in one of the most inhospitable corners of Africa, are determined to keep their home and the culture that sustains them.

Playing with Peace in Myanmar

April 3, 2015 | International aid and "statebuilding" exercises risk exacerbating ethnic conflicts in Myanmar. Here's a more realistic approach.


An Eritrean in Israel

February 19, 2015 | Over 35,000 Eritrean refugees live in Israel today. Dubbed a "cancer" by right-wing politicians, just four have been granted asylum.


Eritrean Refugees at Risk

April 10, 2014 | Eritrean refugees face human trafficking, exploitation, and hostility throughout North Africa and the Sahel.

Sudan: Recasting U.S. Policy

October 11, 2005 | Massive injections of U.S. and Soviet arms have kept the war raging between northern and southern Sudan for nearly a half-century.

Eritrea/Ethiopia War Looms

October 2, 2005 | The latest State Department call for progress in the stalled Ethiopia-Eritrea peace accord--issued this week and coming on the heels of similar expressions of concern by European diplomats last week--is welcome news for those fearing the renewal of war.

Rethinking Sudan

August 1, 2001 | The conflict in Sudan is considerably more complicated than the simple north-south, Muslim vs. Christian, Arab vs. African duality many of those now lobbying the administration present.