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Without getting all infomercial on you, let me just ask: where else can you read an assessment of the National Intelligence Estimate on Iran by FPIF contributor Carah Ong just hours after the NIE’s release? Not only that, but this week too we threw in Tim Shorrock’s analysis of intelligence reform that puts this new NIE into the larger context of power struggles within the Bush administration.

Where else can you get superb columnists like Michael Klare, Conn Hallinan, Frida Berrigan, Laura Carlsen, Zia Mian, and Walden Bello? This week, Michael Klare examines the relationship between the Iraq War and the U.S. failure to address global warming.

But wait, there’s more. Also this last week, we gave you a post-Annapolis round-up by our Middle East editor Stephen Zunes, an excerpt from a new book by Joseph Gerson on how the United States has used nuclear weapons over the last 60-plus years, and the final salvos in the Darfur debate by Daniel Millenson on one side and Kevin Funk and Steve Fake on the other.

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