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Conn Hallinan

Conn Hallinan is a columnist for Foreign Policy In Focus.

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The Syrian Labyrinth

Reese Erlich's new book on Syria combines on-the-ground reporting with an encyclopedic background in the region’s history.

Move Over, NATO and IMF: Eurasia Is Coming

A thousand poles are blooming as new international blocs like the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the BRICS Development Bank emerge to challenge Western economic and military hegemony.

Foreign Policy, Lord Palmerston, and Appendectomies

The U.S. cannot confront climate change, growing economic inequality, and the deterioration of our infrastructure and education system without reducing the $1 trillion it spends annually on defense.

Will Sanctions Sideline the U.S. Dollar?

The recent round of sanctions aimed at Moscow could backfire on Washington by accelerating a move away from the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

Parsing the East Asian Powder Keg

The simmering tensions in East Asia are echoes of Washington's Cold War intrigues—and the Pentagon's not-so-secret plans for battle with China.

Europe: The Sky’s Not Falling

Yes, the far right performed well in Europe's elections. But wherever voters had a clear choice between economic democracy and right-wing xenophobia, they went left.

Marching on Moscow

Events appear to be moving toward a political solution to the East-West standoff over Ukraine. But as Clausewitz once noted: “Against stupidity, no amount of planning will prevail.”

Goodbye, Carl Bloice

Conn Hallinan remembers Carl Bloice—an FPIF columnist, longtime journalist, and lifetime advocate for the dispossessed.