Originally published in Institute for Policy Studies.

Even as the world’s superpower, with enormous military and economic resources at its disposal, the United States has managed to assemble only a motley coalition of countries in its so-called “Coalition of the Willing.” While they may number 45 nations, only two are making significant contributions to the military actions. Others are reassuring their overwhelmingly anti-war publics that being on the coalition list is basically meaningless. And even with the military operation well underway, the Administration cannot even reveal the identities of all of the members of this alliance.

In the end, almost all of the assembled “Coalition of the Willing” governments stand in direct opposition to the will of their people. Far more impressive is the list of nations that have stood up to U.S. bully tactics and stand opposed to both this war at this time and to the larger arrogant U.S. doctrine of pre-emptive war.