Harry Blain

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The War Always Comes Home

The American war machine has always been integral to American racism. It's time to tear it down along with those Confederate statues.

The Useless War Powers Act

By any measure, the War Powers Act has failed to constrain presidential warmaking. A simpler step would be to stop funding wars.

The Conservatism of Impeachment

Impeachment may be necessary, even noble. Yet we don’t need to merely restore our political order — we need to overturn it.

Should We Fight a War on White Terrorism?

There’s a strong argument to shift law enforcement resources from Muslim organizations to domestic white terrorists — but expanding the war on terror is a riskier proposition.

American Concentration Camps, Then and Now

When human beings are framed as a national security threat, barbed wire is the next logical step. But unlike during the Japanese internment, today there's high-level political resistance.

The Sun Never Sets on the Espionage Act

In a democracy, shouldn’t we be using peacetime laws to constrain us during war, rather than wartime laws to constrain us during (relative) peace?